How to tone your body without everyday weight training

17 Jul

Probably everybody wants to have a toned body and perfect six pack abs, but not everybody has the time or the will to work out several times a day. Thankfully, there are ways to bulk up your muscles and tone your body without spending hours and hours in the gym. You will need to make every minute count with this “shortcut” program though.
Weight training

The weight training is the basis of this get fit program. This means that you will be engaging in serious weight training three times a week at the beginning. This means some strong weight training for 45 minutes per session, with the obligatory push, pull and legs exercises.

The pushing exercises include squats, military press and chess press and are for toning the triceps, chest and shoulders. The pulling exercises are for strengthening the biceps and back, and are pull ups, curls and rows. So, pick either or both to do while training your legs.

So 3 times a week do some mixed weight training of the three types with some isolation movements for lower body training. Don’t take too long resting periods, but rather use a maximum of the 45 minutes to perform as much activities.

Do this for several weeks, and when you feel ready for some more weight training add another 45 minute session to the program.

Cardio and conditioning

One short sprint per week is enough to boost the body fat burning processes in your body, so that the growing muscles can show better. The sprint can be uphill, on flat ground or with a rowing machine or bicycle. This conditioning session should start up with warming up, and then 30-40 second sprints followed by 1 minute rests. The session should be done once a week for maximum 30 minutes.

Walking and other movement

Try to move as much as possible, even if you have an office desk job. Moving is essential for improving the blood flow to the muscles and for exercising the joints of your body.

Do some morning stretching. Do series of 20 push-ups or squats several times a day, 4 times a week to get that blood pumping.


Rarely do people have the time to cook a gourmet dish for every meal of the day, so cook once or twice in bulk in order to have proper food for all of the important meals and snacks of the day.

Food is essential for muscle building and for toning the body. Eat healthy meals and eat 10% more than the maintenance calories needed for your body.


To help the muscle building and body toning, you should take some supplements, such as MuscleMax Xtreme, which is an all-natural but very efficient supplement which will help you get into great shape faster.

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