How to optimize simultaneous fat burning and muscle building

17 Jul

Fat burning and muscle building go hand in hand in fitness, which is why people who are active in bodybuilding are constantly either “bulking” or “cutting”. This means consuming more calories when bulking and consuming less when cutting.

But news about new studies in the US has been released that they have found a way to do both simultaneously. Published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, this study involved 40 men who were put on a serious weight training and exercising program for a month. The men were asked to cut their caloric consumption with 40%.

The training program included weight training and high intensity interval training 6 days a week along with a strict and low calorie diet.

The men in the study sure had a difficult time, because they were all out of shape in general. The 40 men were divided in two groups, one which had more proteins in their low calorie diet than the others.

The first group consumed 2.4g of protein per kilo of their bodyweight, and the others only 1.2g per kg.

The high protein group added 2.5lbs of muscle at the end of the month, while their calorie intake was low. The low protein group showed no muscle growth but lost no muscle either. The study team concluded that weight lifting and other exercise causes the body to retain the muscle even if the body is experiencing a serious caloric deficit.

But the other conclusion which the research team found was even more intriguing – the high protein group had lost more of their body fat (about 10.5lbs of fat per person) as compared to the lower protein group which on average had lost 20% less.

This additional fat burning in the high protein group was what surprised the team the most.

The result of the study was that all men had grown stronger, more toned and fitter just in a month, but with a very intensive training program and a strict diet. The research team expressed their belief that it would help women get into better shape as well.

Still, it is a very strict and intensive program, so it probably isn’t a solution for everybody, who is not willing to commit.

If you decide to try out this program, you may want to add some good and natural muscle building and toning supplements, such as MuscleMax Xtreme to help increase the effect of the training and dieting regimen.

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